A fun filled carnival of film, beer, food and wine celebrating independent, underground and genre films.

The Barossa Film Festival is a fun filled carnival of film, beer, food and wine where over 50 films will be screened free of charge in wine cellars, brewery lawns and lava lounges.

The Focus

The Barossa Film Festival celebrates innovative, exciting, groundbreaking films that put audience entertainment front and centre. The filmmakers we champion are:

  • Emerging filmmakers, in particular first and second time feature filmmakers
  • Independent and underground filmmakers working outside the system
  • “Genre” filmmakers working in entertainment focussed genres such as thriller, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, documentary, romance and comedy.

The event is held annually starting on the last Friday in October. For 2014, these dates are Friday, 28th  to Sunday, November 30th Read more about the program.

To submit a film, go to the Submission page.

Submissions for 2014 will open on April Fools Day.

Festival 2012

An introduction to the Barossa Film Festival and tour of Chateau Tanunda by Dave de Vries, Festival Director.

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